Princess In Pearls: Poonam Jhawer’s Hot Photoshoot!

Pearls have never seemed so beautiful before. With Poonam Jhawer adorning them on her near bare body, the charm and radiance of these precious gems seemed to gain an unmatched luster as she was dressed in a skimpy white top which hardly covered her ample assets.

Perched precariously at the window still she seemed to be deceptively unaware of the oomph she was exuding. With her bosom clearly in full view she is seen blowing kisses at the lens she was truly at her magnificent tantalizing best.

Seducing to the hilt with nude makeup and hair air blown in an adoringly unruly manner she is all out to charm with her sensuality and oomph.




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Poonam Jhawer: The Primitive Seductress

Poonam Jhawer creates the impression of being a primitive seductress from the Stone Age as she yields a stick in her hand and brandishes it straight at the camera. Not once though did her expression turn sinister, albeit she exuded raw sensuality as she posed in an off shoulder dress. Her unruly mane of hair strewn and freely flowing only added to her already overflowing sensual feel.

True to her name she remains the eternal seductress whose venomous charm no one is able to resist.

Poonam Jhawer Sexy Photo Shoot

Poonam Jhawer Hot Photos

Poonam Jhawer Looks Super Sexy

Poonam Jhawer Spicy Pics

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Poonam Jhawer Seduces in Playboy Blue

Poonam Jhawer looked perfectly cool in this amazing blue casual outdoor outfit as she posed for the cameras. Her navy blue shorts hugged seductively at her thighs while her button down top just managed to compliment her assets which were prominently displayed thanks to the perfect fit. Biting her lips suggestively she surely raised the temperatures high. At one point she posed with a mannequin and she is clicked draped around it. Her unruly mane only enhanced the wild effect she was out to create.

Poonam JhawerHot in Blue Shorts

Poonam Jhawer in Spicy Outfit

Poonam Jhawer in Blue Shorts Photoshoot

Poonam Jhawer Look Hot in Blue Outfit

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Surrender Yourself To the Sexy Army Officer

An Army Officer you would love to surrender to. Watch Poonam Jhawer as she dresses to kill, not with rifles but with her looks as she poses in a sexy army outfit. Wearing a pair of high boots, she unleashes her killer instinct as she poses seductively with a gun in her hand. Sitting in the front seat of a four wheeler, sporting dark glasses, she aims directly with the camera. But no one seems to notice as the viewers are mesmerized by her signature pout and revealing bosom which leaves nothing to imagination. Her hair tied up in a no nonsense manner Poonam expresses her desire to essay the role of an army officer- A role which she will be able to carry with her charm and oomph.

Poonam Jhawer in Army Outfit

Poonam Jhawer is Sexy Army Officer

Poonam Jhawer Look Hot in Army Outfit

Poonam Jhawer in Army Outfit Photoshoot

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