Naughty Poonam In Tantalizing Lingerie

A dash of Kohl accentuating her already seducing eyes and a soft pastel pink shade of lipstick adorning her mesmerizing lips and Poonam has attained the perfect look for her photoshoot. A pair of high heeled stilettos accentuating her long lissome legs, she pouts seductively at the camera with her dare to bare dress. A lacy strapless bra barely contains her vital assets which literally leave nothing to imagination. A fur shawl draped only adds to the seductive aura. She later drops the same as she poses in front of the mirror giving a liberal view of her rear anatomy as well.

It is really commendable how she carries out each bold shoot without getting flustered. One can surely feel that she really enjoys the art of seducing and is the darling of all cameras. Here she seems to be in high spirits as she blows kisses at the lens and executes the shoot in a perfectly professional manner.



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Poonam Jhawer: Demurely Seductive in Black

Poonam Jhawer the sultry hot diva is sure to court controversy by donning a long robe which closely resembles an abaya. However there is nothing demure or cloaked about this. Despite being shot with her head covered and a thin sheer veil partially covering her face, Poonam manages to turn on the heat and the oomph quotient.

As she pouts at the camera, she lifts the long flowing robe to reveal a pair of milky thighs. Blood red lipstick smearing her lips only adds to the exotic look she is trying to attain. A dash of kohl adorns her eyes and makes them look even more mesmerizing. The design at the edges of the jet black robe gives the look and feel of a Middle Eastern woman who has never stepped out of the confines of her home, or more aptly a royal princess.

Poonam Jhawer look sexy in black dress

With a chunky ring adorning her long fingers she proves that she can charm and tantalize with her face.

Poonam Jhawer Photoshoot in black dress

The darling of the camera, Poonam Jhawer is truly magnificent and wields pure black magic with her looks and body.

Poonam Jhawer look Spicy in red lipstick

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The Transformation To A Nymph

Poonam Jhawer is a stunning beauty of the industry and is known for her bold photoshots. Her latest photoshoot chronicles her transformation to a seductive nymph. She is seen happily smiling and blowing kisses to all and sundry as she is attended to in a royal manner.

With almost nude make up adorning her face, she still manages to shimmer while facing the camera and she exudes an effluence like no other.

Poonam Jhawer in nymph avatar

Donning a dare to bare backless dress, she adorns her neck with a layered beaded necklace which truly enhances her glamour quotient. With smoky eye makeup and nude shades of nail paint and lip gloss, she attains the perfect peachy and maiden look without overdoing it.

Poonam Jhawer look sexy in backless

Her hair is braided and chunky accessories only enhance the ethnic look she is trying to attain. A sheer lace seems to cover her assets and leave nothing to imagination. She confidently poses backless for the camera and tantalizes with her looks and eyes. A glance at the video will surely remind you of pure sin and a lot more. Truly Poonam is a nymph from the skies above who has come to tantalize the poor mortals on earth.

Poonam Jhawer in new look

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Slow Seduction in A Saree!

Poonam Jhawer has really proved that she can carry out any outfit and still manage to look her sultry best. Recently in her latest photoshoot she was spotted donning a red saree. But despite of the traditional attire, she managed to look like a tigress unleashed.

Wearing a skimpy black choli which leaves nothing to imagination, she donned a red saree with a golden border adorning her person. Chunky bangles dazzled on her wrists as she pouted at the camera with practiced ease.


Dressed to the hilt, her long mane only added to her sensuality as they seemed to bounce with a life of their own.


Mounted on a roof top, she surely set the temperature roaring and her looks were literally enough to set the camera on fire.


A true hot, seductive diva, there is no one else as Poonam.


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