Poonam Jhawer and Hariharan: The Meeting Between Two Stars

Poonam Jhawer is a sultry and stunning diva and a model who is an epitome of beauty and grace. She is a perfect blend of beauty and talent and has proved her mantle in this highly volatile industry. Her talent and acumen is indeed praise worthy. Despite being so talented, she is a well grounded lady who moves with her head firmly on her shoulders. She is quite social and loves to meet and mingle with people.

Thus, it was a great moment when she happened to cross paths with the multi lingual and equally versatile singer Hariharan. It was a matter of double joy and Poonam Jhawer was present to attend the wedding of a dear friend and it was here that she could meet and speak to Hariharan. The duo was seen holding an earnest conversation and it was as if two great stars were shining. Their luster of their greatness could not be dulled and people could not resist but come and have a look at both these talented stars from the glamour industry.

Poonam Jhawer Meets Bollywood Singer Hariharan

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