Poonam Jhawer at the launch of Tshnagi – A Book by Poojashree Jhawer

Poonam Jhawer the sultry diva has proved that she is not just a conventional model with no interest whatsoever beyond her looks. In fact she has a great passion for books and this was noticed when she made it a point to attend the International Book Fair in this year. Here she was seen eagerly browsing through the vast array of books and she seemed to be in bliss in the company of these eternal enlightening forces.

Poonam Jhawer at launch of Tshnagi

She is not new to the world of books. In fact it may come as a surprise to most people that Poonam’s mother Poojashree is a very talented writer and a connoisseur of literature. Belonging to the state of Rajasthan, the land of Royals, Poojashree has penned down numerous books which are literary masterpieces. In fact, just recently she has released her latest book titled ‘Tshnagi’. The ATF chief Mr. M. S. Bitta too was present at this occasion and it was he who launched the book.

Poonam Jhawer with her Mother at launching Tshnagi Book ATF chief Mr. M. S. Bitta launched Tshnagi book

Despite her pressing schedule, Poonam made it a point to be present at this occasion and also motivated people to read more and expand the scope of their vision and intellectual understanding. This gesture is indeed commendable and shows that she is a perfect blend of beauty, brains and intellectual ability.

Poonam Jhawer, Poojashree Jhawer with ATF chief Mr. M. S. Bitta

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